Outdoor landscape lighting market will become a new profit g

The high [LED arena] Bai Xiaosheng "column in the Janus pointed --2017 not say the market growth point" (click for details) is mentioned in this article, next year, outdoor landscape lighting by the national policy guidance, there will be a huge market cake to share in the LED industry.
With the State Council and relevant ministries issued a series of policy documents, and vigorously promote the cooperation between the government and social capital (PPP) mode, the local government to actively follow up, have launched all kinds of infrastructure and public services of the PPP project, and the current domestic LED outdoor lighting is most of the use of PPP mode of operation.
In 2016 -2020 five years, according to the estimate of static investment, the national rail water air field of the fixed asset investment may be more than 13 trillion yuan, of which only the highway investment will reach 3 trillion yuan.
Admittedly, landscape lighting a huge market prospects, in fact, with the increasing maturity of LED technology, the country began to launch a large-scale LED lighting reform pilot work, invisible, also further expand the space of outdoor road landscape lighting market LED.
According to the LED Institute of high Industry Research Institute (GGII) statistics show that in 2016 the landscape lighting output value will reach 50 billion yuan, is expected in 2017, China's outdoor LED lighting output value is expected to exceed $100 billion.
"Landscape lighting can form a unique style and features of city, local governments are more concerned about the development of city landscape lighting, brings more opportunities for LED lighting enterprises. Kin Sen science and technology major power outdoor waterproof power supply, the future is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of landscape lighting market." Health Science and technology is responsible for.
"On the current LED outdoor landscape lighting market trends, the market demand is very large and will not fire a moment. But also on the market performance and the quality of some products should be further improved, including the product color, glare and other issues." Zhang Hong, general manager of excitation testing.
Lyad talked about the relevant person in charge of internal landscape lighting market said, "with the rise of Nanchang, Wuhan, Chifeng, Shangrao City, Moutai lighting, and the demonstration effect caused by G20, the" night economy "has become an important project in the construction of city culture, city landscape lighting LED LED into the high growth period, LED lighting business performance of the company a substantial increase in 2016, Lyad annual revenues of more than 4 billion yuan can be realized and the goal of the current period net profit can achieve substantial growth."
At the same time, LED supply chain enterprises in 2016 will focus on locking Ming Electronics landscape lighting.
"2016 Ming microelectronics products are mainly focused in three directions, landscape lighting, LED lighting and display. Among them, landscape lighting and display to get 70-80% market." Ming microelectronics is actively promoting the application of linear IC in landscape lighting." Li Zhaohua, general manager of microelectronics revealed.
On the landscape lighting engineering, Dr. chairman Zhang Xiaofei said, "the 2016 landscape lighting industry mergers and acquisitions trend, the company will be listed, the industry chain vertical integration accelerated, intelligent lighting, creative lighting, landscape lighting has become the main object of mergers and acquisitions, mergers and purchase will move towards the internationalization, the status of domestic enterprises market ushered in the rapid increase."
The overall planning and design professional in the city and regional landscape lighting of the Roman company responsible person also said that in 2016 the first half operating income of 57 million 861 thousand and 200 yuan, growth of 9.85% over the previous year; a net profit of 9 million 304 thousand and 100 yuan, growth of 50.94% over the previous year."
In summary, promotion of relevant policies in the country, with the accelerating process of urbanization, I believe the next few years, whether it is first-tier cities, or the two or three line of the city, the market demand of landscape lighting is still in a state of rapid growth.
In 2016 high LED annual meeting, will be set up with the title of the outdoor concert Xuyu optoelectronics. Ismail was marketing director Zhang Luhua, Jian Sen Xin Mingfeng general manager, chairman Chen Kai, Shanxi Maple Yongming Guangyu secretaries Xu Min will be from the lamp, power supply module and the wisdom of the city, and other point of view, interpretation of new opportunities and new trends in outdoor lighting market.