Grasp the pulse of the industry's five major lighting market

Standing on the shoulders of giants can see far, the analysis of the layout and action of the 5 international lighting giants, looking for blue ocean market, keep up with the pace of development of the industry, in order to run on the right track.
Continue to develop Microled, laser, UV LED, vehicle applications
In 2017 the LED industry in the automotive market is growing, but the LCD backlight and lighting market oversupply situation will continue, the industry market is still severe. Nichia, promising vehicle smart lighting development, and will actively invest in Micro, LED, UV-B and UV-C laser. Dai Zhenjia, general manager of Taiwan Arias
In recent years, the imbalance between supply and demand and price competition, LED industry slump. But with the rise of the blue ocean market, lighting up a new dawn for the industry. In the 60 anniversary of a press meeting, LED manufacturers Nichia said, LED industry market is more difficult, more to the pursuit of innovation, to create a high standard and high value-added products, then Nichia will continue to vigorously develop the high order technology market Micro LED, LED, UV, laser application etc..
Taiwan general manager of Dai Zhen Nichia House said, in 2017 the LED industry in the automotive market is growing, but the LCD backlight and lighting market oversupply situation will continue, the industry market is still severe. Nichia, promising vehicle smart lighting development, and will actively invest in Micro, LED, UV-B and UV-C laser.
Dai Chun said, 2016 Nichia in vehicle applications successfully achieve 20% growth, currently in the pre installed market in Japan is still the world's factory, Taiwan LED China LED factory mostly in the quasi market pre installed. Nichia vehicle with high technology, particularly optimistic about the demand for LED, especially with adaptive lighting system light regulation (Adaptive Front Lighting System) LED or LED laser, or lamp recently gradually grab the use of products such as LED (DRL).
The traditional LED backlight and lighting market downturn, laser and UV-LED market has attracted more and more attention, Nichia said, use laser and UV-LED is expected to expand day by day, for example, laser lights used in large-size TV and projector etc..
UV-LED in addition to the general industrial use, air purifier or air conditioning and other appliances using the sterilization function is also expected to become increasingly popular trend. In addition to the main Nichia UV-A products, will also actively develop for UV-B and UV-C wave.
Nichia second sector technology history said the ban, work more than 10 years in the Nichia MicroLED, with leading technology, the future will accelerate the commercialization of LED Mico. The first stage is the introduction of surface light source module, not only can do local dimming, but also in the flexible substrate can be flexible display panel. Two years later, can be extended to the second stage, the ultimate goal is to achieve Micro LED. But Nichia think Micro LED will be used in commercial display, television and other large size applications for mobile phone, wearable device and other small size applications, as well as technical problems to be a breakthrough.
Toyoda Gosei
Purchase new equipment, introduce new technology
* focus UV LED, thermistor LED, car LED
TOYOTA's future will put more resources in the industrial LED, for example, UV LED, as well as thermistor LED and so on, but also will focus on the use of LED on the car, to play the advantages of TOYOTA in the automotive component suppliers. - Yokoi, general manager of TOYOTA synthetic Optoelectronics Division Toshihiro
The Japanese giant TOYOTA (Toyoda Gosei) for the synthesis of blue light and ultraviolet LED create update, from the German MOCVD module maker AIXTRON purchasing new equipment, new technology is the import tool, but also to the outside world curious features.
According to AIXTRON's argument, the purchase of the Japanese manufacturer of equipment is to strengthen the 5X4 CRIUS Close Coupled Showerhead "(CCS) system can create Blu ray LED and deep UV LED, is expected in the first half of 2017 delivery to TOYOTA by synthesis.
This new technology module, compared with the previous III-VMOCVD device, has a higher process temperature. It is designed to produce high efficiency blue and UVLED products, can supply to the market of the high CRI LED lighting, UV UV curing, and the Photocatalyst purification applications.
The general manager of TOYOTA Yokoi said the synthesis of photoelectric Division Toshihiro, AIXTRON new CCS device can effectively help TOYOTA synthetic LED epitaxial business and products, including in Southeast Asia and other areas of the LED lighting market.
He also pointed out that TOYOTA will put more resources in the future synthesis in LED industry, such as UVLED, LED, thermal resistance and so on, will also focus on the car with LED, TOYOTA play synthesis in the vehicle components suppliers advantage.
OLED device business
Focus on the development of intelligent interconnection lighting
PHILPS decided to sell the OLED device business to a professional partner, which will focus on business and resources, the development of innovative intelligent lighting system. - at the beginning of this year, PHILPS lighting CEO Eric Rondolat said
August 17th, PHILPS lighting in the 2016 media conference held in Beijing released its lighting strategic planning, clear the main direction of the next step is the development of intelligent interconnection. It is understood that the current PHILPS lighting business covers a wide range of outdoor, retail and hotel, office and home lighting and other industries, from the light source, lamps, products, systems and services to a full range of lighting solutions. In today's rapid development of the Internet, PHILPS will be in the premise of energy saving and environmental protection, to promote the lighting industry networking